Do Shay And Severide Have Babies?

Is severide a dad?

Benjamin “Benny” Severide was Kelly and Katie’s father and former firefighter who served with Wallace Boden and Henry Mills on Squad 4..

What season does Shay die?

Leslie Elizabeth Shay was a protagonist in the first and second season Shay is portrayed by Lauren German. Leslie Shay was a paramedic assigned to Ambulance 61 at Firehouse 51 working alongside Gabriela Dawson. Shay is killed in the line of duty in May 2014 in the episode Real Never Waits.

Does Gabby get pregnant again Chicago Fire?

He proposes again to her and she accepts. They can’t get married and try to hide their relationship since Dawson works under Casey as a candidate and she can’t be married to the leading Lieutenant. In the Season 3 finale, it is revealed that she is pregnant with Casey’s baby.

What happened to Sylvie Brett’s mom?

The circle of life hit Chicago Fire in a heartbreaking way during Wednesday’s episode, when Sylvie Brett’s biological mom Julie (played by Kelly Deadmon) died during childbirth. … Sadly, the doctor later came out and informed Brett that Julie died on the table after losing too much blood.

Will severide and Kidd get married?

According to executive producer Derek Haas, they might actually spare us and let Severide and Stella be happy, at least for now. Though we won’t see an actual wedding between the two this season, he did say we’re headed down that path. … “Severide’s into Kidd. He’s only got eyes for Kidd,” Derek assured.

Does Sylvie get pregnant?

Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) was experiencing some of the symptoms of being pregnant, but clearly did not want to come to terms with the idea. The only person who could be the father is Chicago P.D. … After three excruciating minutes, Sylvie learned that she was, in fact, not pregnant at all.

Does Shay come back to 51?

The third season picked up with Firehouse 51 in the immediate aftermath of the building explosion, but not everyone was able to get back on their feet. Sadly, paramedic Leslie Shay (Lauren German) died within the first few minutes of the premiere.

Did severide kill the girl?

A little girl in the minivan was killed on her birthday as a result of the injuries she suffered in the crash.

Is Taylor Kinney leaving Chicago Fire?

However, this is all just empty speculation, as in reality Kinney is going nowhere. In April 2019, Deadline reported that Kinney renewed his contract for an extra two years, meaning that he will appear in not just the rest of Season 8 but also in Season 9.

What happened to Rebecca Jones on Chicago Fire?

Rebecca Jones (Daisy Betts) Midway through season two, Jones took her own life. Her shocking decision, while saddening, also recommitted Dawson to becoming a firefighter.

Does Casey die in Chicago fire?

Casey gets back together with Hallie when she returns from a long trip. The two are happy until she unexpectedly is the victim of a fire at the clinic where she worked at part time. It was his team at the scene, and him who managed to take her out, she dies at the hospital later on.

Do Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett get together?

There was no in-between with this couple. Other fans say that it is wrong for Brett and Matt to be together because Brett and Gabby were best friends.

Who does Sylvie Brett marry?

Brett’s season started with a major personal issue to contemplate as she processed her engagement to Chaplain Kyle Sheffield (Teddy Sears). She had said yes to his proposal in the Chicago Fire season 7 finale, and the season premiere showed us that she had moved from Chicago to Fowlerton.

Why was Benny severide killed?

A former firefighter, Benny had a very difficult relationship with his son Kelly (Taylor Kinney), and that relationship came to an abrupt end in Chicago Fire season 7. After years of disagreements, reconciliations, and a long-running joke about Benny’s womanizing, the series decided to kill off Benny this year.

Why did they kill off Leslie Shay?

Lauren German (Leslie Elizabeth Shay) In a 2014 interview with TV Line, executive producer Matt Olmstead explained that they wanted to kill of a character that would have a big dramatic and emotional impact, and they felt that, as difficult as it was, it would be Leslie Shay’s death that cut the deepest.

Who does severide end up with?

In Season 3, while still mourning over Shay’s death, Severide takes a trip to Las Vegas and meets Brittany Baker (Serinda Swan), a graphic designer, at the craps table. They marry and she moves in with Severide, shocking his colleagues and Chief Boden.

Who died on Chicago Fire in real life?

OtisYuri Sardarov, the actor who plays him, talks about life after the NBC series. The Season 8 premiere of “Chicago Fire” concluded with the death of Otis, who succumbed to injuries he sustained working a fire at a mattress factory.

Who does Sylvie Brett date?

Kyle SheffieldIn season 7, she dates Kyle Sheffield, a chaplain with the CFD and friend of Foster….Sylvie BrettOccupationParamedic In Charge, CFDFamilyJulie (birth mother; deceased) Amelia (half–sister)Significant otherHarrison (ex-fiancée) Joe Cruz (ex-boyfriend) Antonio Dawson (ex-boyfriend) Kyle Sheffield (ex-fiancée)Career5 more rows