Question: Are Louboutins Worth It Reddit?

Are Louboutins comfortable Reddit?

Their sleekest and simplest styles can be considered classic shapes but their soles aren’t very comfortable unless you wear heels a lot and have developed the muscles for stilettos.

And nude/black pumps are super common so there’s no point in owning those particular pair unless you have excess money to spend..

Are Louboutins comfortable to wear?

Both the sneakers and the dress shoes are quite comfortable. They’re not exactly orthotics or anything, I wouldn’t want to wear them to the gym or anything, but they’re considerably more comfortable than certain other brands of luxury designer shoes. … Why do so many women like the red soled Christian Louboutin shoes?

Why are Louboutins so expensive?

Louboutin snagged the bottle and painted the soles of a prototype shoe. Just like that, the red soles were born. … In 2013, when The New York Times asked Louboutin why his shoes were so expensive, he blamed production costs. Louboutin said, “It’s expensive to make shoes in Europe.”

Do Louboutins run big or small?

The Louboutin fit is generally true to size up to the size 38 if you have narrow feet. However, if you have wider feet you’ll want to go up a whole size to a size in a half.

Are Louboutins worth the money?

6. They are costly – but get them before they get costlier. Christian Louboutin heels have always been expensive, and their price has only been increasing considerably. These shoes also have a high resale value and are perfect for investment.

Does the red wear off Louboutins?

On the Christian Louboutin website, under “Product Care,” the brand states “red lacquer on our soles will wear off with the use of the shoes,” and recommends customers consult with a leather care professional for specific advice.

Do all Louboutins have red bottoms?

In September 2012, the court finally ruled that Louboutin retains the exclusive right to use the color red on the bottom of its shoes whenever the outer portion of the shoe is any color besides red, while Yves Saint Laurent can continue to sell its shoes with red soles as long as the whole shoe is red.

What size is 7.5 in Louboutin?

Women377437.57.54.5388538.58.55.515 more rows

Are expensive heels more comfortable?

Yes, expensive shoes are way more comfy. They are more stable, have wayyy more cushioning, and last longer. There’s a huge difference in a $60 pair of heels and a $300 pair of heels. I have a $185 pair of Rockport heels – and they have Adidas cushioning in them.

Do Jimmy Choo shoes have red bottoms?

Jimmy choo shoes red soles.