Question: Should First Of Its Kind Be Hyphenated?

Is meaning making hyphenated?

Traditionally, we would hyphenate decision-making when the two words acted as a unit with an adjectival meaning, e.g.

decision-making paper.

We would not hyphenate decision making in noun form, i.e.

a noun+ gerund (noun derived from a verb).

The decision-making process lasted for weeks..

What does first time mean?

1 : doing something for the first time first-time home buyers a first-time visitor a first-time author. 2 : done for the first time The punishment for a first-time offense of this kind is a fine.

What do you call a first time event?

inaugural. Definition of inaugural (Entry 2 of 2)

Which is or that is?

The clause that comes after the word “which” or “that” is the determining factor in deciding which one to use. If the clause is absolutely pertinent to the meaning of the sentence, you use “that.” If you could drop the clause and leave the meaning of the sentence intact, use “which.”

What does TWO OF A KIND mean?

—used to say that two people or things are the same or are very much alikeJohn and his dad are two of a kind.

Is 1 bedroom hyphenated?

Though the one-bedroom apartments are sold out, we still have several two-, three-, and four-bedroom units available. The major exception is when the compound adjective begins with an adverb ending in -ly. In that case, since a misreading is unlikely, the hyphen is unnecessary.

Is second degree hyphenated?

Hyphenation of second-degree This word can be hyphenated and contains 3 syllables as shown below.

What is a word for one of a kind?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for one-of-a-kind, like: unparalleled, unique, in a class by itself, unprecedented, distinctive, special, original, rare, covetable and null.

What is the difference between a hyphen and a dash?

A hyphen joins two or more words together while a dash separates words into parenthetical statements. The two are sometimes confused because they look so similar, but their usage is different. Hyphens are not separated by spaces, while a dash has a space on either side.

Should first time be hyphenated?

First-time as an adjective is hyphenated if it is written before a noun (as in “first-time champ”) but it is not hyphenated if it is written after the noun it describes (as in “champ for the first time.”)

What is the correct way to use a hyphen?

Hyphen UseUse a hyphen to join two or more words serving as a single adjective before a noun: … Use a hyphen with compound numbers: … Use a hyphen to avoid confusion or an awkward combination of letters:More items…

Is first degree hyphenated?

You can consider “first-degree” as a modifier for “murder charges.” I’d omit the hyphen.

How do you say first time?

First-time Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for first-time?earliestfirstinitiatoryintroductoryleadingnascentoriginalpioneeringpreliminaryunprecedented6 more rows

How do you spell first time?

adjective. used, appearing, contending, etc., for the first time: a first-time candidate.

Do you put a hyphen between numbers and words?

When numbers are used as the first part of a compound adjective, use a hyphen to connect them to the noun that follows them. … This applies whether the number is written in words or in digits.

Do you hyphenate one of a kind?

Is the expression used as a single adjective before a noun? If so, use hyphens (see example 1). For example: “He is a one-of-a-kind man.” … The hyphens’ function is to join two or more words to show that they belong to each other.

What is a good word for first?

What is another word for first?earliestinitialfoundationalheadmostinauguralinitiatoryleadoffpioneerpremiervirgin162 more rows