Question: What Are The Flowers For Each Birth Month?

What does birth flower mean?

July Birth Flowers: Larkspur and Water Lily The July birth flowers are the larkspur and water lily.

Pink larkspurs symbolize fickleness, while white ones symbolize happiness.

Generally, larkspurs symbolize positivity and love.

Water lilies are a unique lotus-like flower.

They symbolize purity or rebirth..

What are the flowers for each month?

US styleMonthFlowersSymbolizationMarchDaffodilspring, rebirth, domestic happiness, loveAprilSweet peagood-bye, or blissful pleasureMayHawthorn/Lily of the Valleyhappiness, humility, sweetnessJuneRoselove, gratitude, appreciation8 more rows

What is May’s birth flower?

Lily of the valleyCommon hawthornMay/Birth flowers

What is May’s spirit animal?

For those born between May 21 to June 20, their spirit animal is the fox. The fox is a creature that is adaptable and flexible.

What is the birth month flower for July?

larkspurGiven as a birth flower for July, the larkspur signifies love and joy.

What is April’s birth month flower?

daisyAs a birth flower for April, the daisy is associated with purity and innocence.

What is February’s birth flower?

VioletFebruary/Birth flowers

What is August’s birth flower?

GladiolusPoppyAugust/Birth flowers

Are birth flowers a thing?

Birth Flowers Are a Real Thing, and You Need to Know the Meaning Behind Yours ASAP. … Each month has one — sometimes two — birth flowers designated, and we’ve translated the language of flowers to reveal what your month’s blossom means. Related: Each Birth Month Has a Different Color and Meaning — See What Yours Is!

What are the 12 birth flowers?

The Birth Month FlowersJanuary ~ Carnation & Snowdrop.February ~ Violet & Primrose.March ~ Daffodil & Jonquil.April ~ Daisy & Sweet Pea.May ~ Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn.June ~ Rose & Honeysuckle.July ~ Larkspur & Water Lily.August ~ Gladiolus & Poppy.More items…•

How do I find my birth flower?

Find Your Birth Month FlowerJanuary – Carnation. Carnations are typically white, pink, purple, yellow or red. … February – Violet. Violets are various shades of purple and symbolize faithfulness, purity and modesty.March – Daffodil. … April – Daisy. … May – Lily of the Valley. … June – Rose. … July – Larkspur. … August – Gladiolus.More items…•

What birth month is Sunflower?

Leo: July 23 – August 22 Bright yellow sunflower is the birth flower for Leo zodiac sign people. Sunflowers depict their brilliant creative, confident and generous nature.