Question: What Would The Cell Wall Be In A School?

What part of a school is like nucleolus?

The nucleolus of the school is the principal because the principal makes the rules just like the nucleolus makes the ribosomes.

The mitochondria is “The Mighty Mouse” of the cell.

It transfers energy from organic compounds to ATP.

The mitochondria of the school would be the lunchroom..

What can a cell be compared to?

A cell can be compared to a houseThe rough endoplasmic reticulum of the cell is like the hallways in a house because they transport people throughout the home like the rough ER transports materials throughout the cell.Sources:The mitochondria of the cell are like the fuse box of a house. … Ribosomes are like an oven.More items…

What is the smooth ER similar to?

Both rough ER and smooth ER have the same types of membranes but they have different shapes. Rough ER looks like sheets or disks of bumpy membranes while smooth ER looks more like tubes. Rough ER is called rough because it has ribosomes attached to its surface.

What part of a school is like smooth ER?

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum: The smooth ER is like a school bus because it transports proteins, just like buses transports students to and from school.

What is the ER in a school?

The Golgi Bodies is just like the teacher b/c the teacher helps the students learn (kinda like it is shipping information to students , but we call it learning) which are the Endoplasmic Reticulum. The rough ER is responsible for moving protein and other carbohydrates to the Golgi Bodies.

What would be the mitochondria in a house?

The mitochondrion is like the furnace in a house because the furnace converts cold air into warm air the house can use to heat up. The mitochondrion in a cell converts energy in food molecules into energy the cell can use.

What is like a mitochondria in real life?

Mitochondria are like the human digestive system because the digestive system breaks down food to supply the body with energy like the mitochondria breaks down food to supply the cell with energy.

What would the cell membrane be in a school?

A cell membrane is like a school security guard. A cell membrane controls what is allowed to enter and exit a cell, like a school security guard controls what is allowed in and out of school. Cell walls are like school doors. A cell wall filters what goes into the cell, like school doors are a filter for a school.

What would the mitochondria be in a school?

Much like a boiler room providing energy to the school, the mitochondria provides energy to the cell. Ribosomes make proteins, and teach them, like how teachers teach students.

What can represent a cell wall?

The Cell Wall Make plant cell walls using an oblong cookie sheet or even a 9-by-13-inch casserole dish. Other items to use to represent the cell wall include the lid to a shoe box or rectangular picture frame. A large shirt box, from a department store, also works as the exterior of the plant cell wall.

What are examples of mitochondria?

Mitochondria are the structures within cells that produce energy. An example of mitochondria is what regulates metabolism in human cells.

How do you compare a cell to a school?

The nucleus of a cell can be compared to the principal of a school. The nucleus controls the cell and the principal controls the school.

What part of a school is like Golgi apparatus?

Golgi Apparatus is like a teacher because, they help the students (endoplasmic reticulum) get their work done. As for Golgi apparatus stores and modifies proteins for specific functions and prepares them for transport to other parts of the cell. They both help get things done.

How is an animal cell like a school?

Vacuoles are like a School Cafeteria. They relate because they both store things, like vacuoles can store water, and a cafeteria store food for students to eat. A Nuclear Membrane is like a School’s Main Office. They relate because they both surround their “nucleus.”

What is the function of SER and RER?

RER helps in the formation of proteins in the cell. The presence of ribosomes is actually responsible for the synthesis of the proteins by the RER….RER-Rough Endoplasmic ReticulumSER-Smooth Endoplasmic ReticulumTheir function is to synthesize proteins.Their function is to synthesize lipids.6 more rows

What is the nucleolus similar to?

The nucleolus can be compared to a factory because it’s main job is the production of ribosomes. Just like how a factory produces things. Ribosomes can be compared to a restaurant because food/proteins are made in the ribosomes, and they’re also made in a restaurant.