Quick Answer: What Can The Nucleus Be Compared To In A City?

Why is a cell compared to a city?

The nucleus controls all of the activities of the cell as city hall controls all the activities in of the city.


The cell membrane is a thin, flexible envelope that surrounds the cell.

The cell membrane controls what goes into and out of the cell as the city limits control what goes in and out of the city..

What can the nucleus be compared to?

The nucleus can be compared to the CEO of a company. A CEO oversees all of the company’s activities and leads the direction in which it will grow, just as a nucleus does for a cell. Other analogies for this aspect of the nucleus include the brain or a command center.

What does the nucleus do?

The nucleus controls and regulates the activities of the cell (e.g., growth and metabolism) and carries the genes, structures that contain the hereditary information. Nucleoli are small bodies often seen within the nucleus. The gel-like matrix in which the nuclear components are suspended is the nucleoplasm.

What can the nucleolus be compared to in a city?

Nucleolus = Mayor’s office. The nucleolus controls the executive activity within the nucleus of the cell and contains the chromosomes and the DNA of the cell. This can be compared to the mayor of the city who controls and has the power to veto the rest of the politicians and executives in the City Hall.

What would the nucleus be in a city?

The nucleus contains all of the genetic material in the cell like city hall protects all of the important documents in a city. The nucleolus organizes the cell’s activity just like a mayor does for a city. The nuclear membrane is like a cities border because they control what goes in and out.

What can a nucleus be compared to in a house?

The nucleus of a cell is like your parents. Your parents control most of things that take place inside your house. The cytoskeleton of a cell can be compared to the walls of a house. The walls of a house are similar to the cytoskeleton of a cell because they provide support for a house.

What is the nucleus in a cell City?

Nucleus (Town Hall) – Cell City. The Nucleus is the control center of a cell. It protects the DNA and makes sure the DNA is available for use at the proper times. When DNA is needed, it produces copies of itself in the form of RNA.

Why is a cell like a city?

A city border is like a cell membrane because it allows what comes in and out of the city. The cell membrane is inside the cell wall just like a city border. Steel grinders are like a cytoskeleton because they are the structure of the city. Also plumbing can be like the cytoskeleton of the “cell”.

What can endoplasmic reticulum be compared to?

It works closely with the Golgi apparatus, ribososmes, mRNA, and tRNA. Additionally, what can the endoplasmic reticulum be compared to in a school? The Endoplasmic Reticulum is just like a classroom. … The endoplasmic reticulum creates a network of membranes found throughout the whole cell.