Quick Answer: What Do The Results Of Twin Studies Suggest About Intelligence Quizlet?

Which of the following is the most serious disadvantage of group intelligence or general ability tests?

Which of the following is the most serious disadvantage of group intelligence or general ability tests.

Too little attention to the examinee’s motivation and/or anxiety levels.

Compared to individual tests of intelligence, group intelligence tests: are more dependent on reading ability..

What have twin studies revealed about intelligence?

Genes have a very strong influence over how certain parts of our brains develop, scientists in the US and Finland have found. In identical twins, these areas showed a 95 to 100 per cent correlation between one twin and the other – they were essentially the same. …

What are some of the results from research studies about the role of genetics in determining intelligence?

To determine the IQ concordance rates, each of the participants was interviewed and tested for a total of 50 hours. 70 percent of intelligence can be attributed to genetics and 30 percent of intelligence can be credited to other factors, such as the environment or nurture.

What do studies suggest about the relationship between genetics and intelligence quizlet?

What evidence suggests a genetic role in intelligence? Genetic factors that may raise intelligence tend to co-occur with environmental factors that may raise intelligence.

What are the disadvantages of twin studies?

Limitations of twin studies Results from twin studies cannot be directly generalized to the general population, due to lack of randomization; in addition, they are different with regard to their developmental environment, as two fetuses growing simultaneously.

Does nutrition affect intelligence?

A diet high in fats, sugars, and processed foods in early childhood may result in lower IQ scores, while a diet rich in healthy foods packed with vitamins and nutrients may work in reverse, suggests new research.

How can heritability affect a person’s intelligence quizlet?

Heritability is the proportion of variability in a phenotype that is accounted for by variation in a genotype. … In the most socially economic advantaged families, practically all variation of IQ was accounted for by genes, -Higher SES = higher heritability and IQ scores.

Which correlation between the IQS of identical twins is most likely?

MODULE 6 EXERCISESCorrelation Between IQ Scoresidentical twins.90fraternal twins.45siblings.45

What are three environmental factors that affect intelligence?

In the present study, we found that various environmental factors such as place of residence, physical exercise, family income, parents’ occupation and education influence the IQ of a child to a great extent.

What are the environmental factors that affect intelligence?

Even though the genetic susceptibility plays a crucial role on the IQ of the individual, various modifiable environmental factors like education, premature birth, nutrition, pollution, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illnesses, and diseases can have an influence on an individual’s IQ.

How does your environment affect your intelligence?

Researchers have conducted many studies to look for genes that influence intelligence. … Intelligence is also strongly influenced by the environment. Factors related to a child’s home environment and parenting, education and availability of learning resources, and nutrition, among others, all contribute to intelligence.

What is the benefit of standardizing an intelligence test?

The standardization of a test involves giving it to a large number of people at different ages and computing the average score on the test at each age level. It is important that intelligence tests be standardized on a regular basis, because the overall level of intelligence in a population may change over time.